Q: How do we get started?

By first looking at your most recent electric bill to determine your electric usage. We then do a site survey to determine the most efficient placement of solar for your home or business and then send you a personal proposal and arrange a meeting with one of our Solar Professionals at your convenience.

For a free no-obligation quote, contact us.

Q: How does a Solar Electrical System increase my home’s value?

Not only does Solar instantly reduce your electric bill, it also increases the value of your home or business. Just imagine what the utility companies will charge for electricity 5 or 10 years from now, given the overwhelming increasing of rates today.

The Appraisal institute published a study in their Appraisal Journal that stated that if a home’s operating costs can be reduced through energy efficiency measures, those savings increase a home’s resale value. The value of your home increases when going solar – now that’s incentive!

Other sources which prove a home’s increase in value with a Photovoltaic (PV) System:

– Tennessean

– Forbes

The State of California, amongst others, encourage selling excess power back to the grid, thus meaning more money right away and better value in years to come.

Q: Are there any other benefits of having a PV system?

You are helping clean the environment and contributing to a greener world for generations when owning a PV system. In addition to the moral and environmental benefits – thanks to California’s small energy generator law – you can feed the output of the solar electric system directly into the grid, using it as a storage battery. This results in your electric meter spinning backwards when electricity production exceeds usage. “Net metering” means that you will only be charged for the deficit, if any. Fighting global warming, spending less money per month, and ensuring a more secure future financially and environmentally!

Q: How long do these systems last?

The first photovoltaic system was invented 50 years ago and is still operating. Today’s equipment is more efficient and expected to last longer. The limited manufacturers warranty is 25 years on the solar modules and 10 years for parts and labor on the balance of system.

Q: What kind of panels does Maxum Energy provide?

We provide the highest quality panels available.  We are not committed to a particular manufacturer and are constantly reviewing the marketplace for the best, most efficient products available.  All our modules have warranty protection that are guaranteed by independent insurance companies.

Q: What is the maintenance on these systems? What is the warranty?

There are no moving parts in a solar power system, therefore, these systems require very little maintenance. The modules should be clear of dirt and bird droppings. Also trees should be trimmed to prevent shading the system. We include a ten year warranty on parts and provide labor for the entire system.

Q: What about protection from blackouts?

Blackout protection requires batteries which are charged by the solar panels and act as an energy reserve in the event of blackout. Battery backup usually will replace some of the critical circuits in the home or business and will not be used to totally substitute for all the electrical usage. The amount of blackout protection is a matter of your budget. With or without solar, blackouts happen the same way, but if crucial to your situation we’ll provide a Blackout Protection Plan for your installation.  The State of California offers incentives to install battery backup systems.

Q: I have a specific question…

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