One of the best-kept secrets towards cutting your electricity costs is LED lighting retrofits.

A 4-foot fluorescent light bulb (T8) uses 32 watts.  We can replace that bulb with an 18 watt LED version, guaranteed for 5 years and has a cleaner, brighter light. You’re now mercury-free, you’ve replaced all of your old bulbs, and  save 45% on your electric usage, all at once.  It also means that you will lower your maintenance cost for replacements as well, as LED lighting lasts longer.

All of our bulbs are UL certified and are guaranteed for 5 years (an LED bulb replacement for every bulb that you currently use). We also have a special program that offers you additional savings when you convert to LED and go solar at the same time.

You won’t believe how easy it is to convert to LED!  We visit your location, count the bulbs and types of bulbs and calculate the savings based on the total hours of usage.  Our bulk wholesale discount will make your installation competitively priced. We stand behind our competitive pricing and will match another LED proposal!

There is no cost to do a site survey.  We will install the bulbs and discard your existing bulbs in an environmentally safe manner. Consider pairing new LED lighting with your solar panels for significant savings.

Some articles on the benefits of LED lighting:
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