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Service for 25+ years in Southern California

At Maxum Energy, we believe that our earth is a precious resource and must take care of it. By reducing dependence on the grid, we can reduce, on average, 100+ tons of carbon dioxide annually.

By choosing to go solar, you allow the next generation to help flourish under a cleaner environment.


Investment for You + Our Planet


Reduced Reliance From the Grid


Family Owned and Operated

Successful projects

Providing thousands of people with clean energy

Unique designs

Utilizing accurate generation and usage Metrics

Why choose us

Our dedication to providing you with the family experience and using the industry’s best inverters, batteries, and solar modules allows us to be distinct from our competition.

Newest Technologies

We provide you with the highest-quality components in the industry.

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Realtime Savings

Energy capture from the solar during the day provides power for the home. Pair it with batteries; your home will be completely self-sufficient.

Eliminate your Bill

On average, a homeowner spends roughly $250+ a month on electricity

•Investing in solar can eliminate a great majority of your bill for years to come

Professional Installation

With our combined 20+ years of Solar PV Experience, we will find the best solution for you

Brands Utilized


Monitor your system with ease right from your smartphone or personal computer. Enphase is the leader in longevity and safety with their battery modules and microinverters for residential and non-profit 240V systems.


North American-made and rated as one of the highest-quality brands in terms of efficiency, durability, and degradation rate. We offer Prime and Elite model panels for residential and commercial customers.


Originally founded in Germany and headquartered in Korea, Q-Cell makes one of the leading modules in the North American market. Rated for extreme weather in most environments, ocean-rated, and highly efficient for our Residential, Commercial, and Industrial customers.

Phono Solar

Awarded top performer at PVEL 2022 for module reliability, Phono Solar has been a major player since being established in 2007. With high-output modules and a class-leading warranty, these solar panels use less space with higher energy capture for smaller or more limited areas.

We utilize these components on high-usage residential, commercial, and industrial projects.


Founded in 2013, Sol-Ark is one of the leading manufacturers of hybrid inverter technology. Manufactured and Headquartered in Allen, TX, they are entirely American-made, owned, and operated. Supporting 240V, 208V, and 480V single and three-phase systems with onboard monitoring included—a product for every home and business solution.

IronRidge Ground Mounts

For the sturdiest systems on the ground, residential or commercial, we utilize the IronRidge ground mounts. Certified with an industry-leading 25-year warranty on the mount, rugged construction, and flexible module architecture. This is the best mounting hardware for a significant investment in your system.


How We Get You Results

Our Company redefines your relationship with energy. Minimize your carbon footprint.
Take control of your power costs today!

Consult Our Expert Team

Send in a recent electric bill so we can calculate system size needed


Sign Contract & PERMITTING

After a contract is signed and a deposit is made, our team will work to file all rebate forms and permits 


Solar Panel Installation

Ensure a smooth installation of your system and confirm everything is working correctly for the final inspection


I contacted Maxum to do my solar based on a referral from a good friend.  Yehuda at Maxum designed the system with our future electric vehicle requirements in mind.  Our electric bill is $125 for the whole year which is exactly where I wanted to be.

David H.   

These guys at Maxum know their business.  They installed my system in 2 days.  Everyone on the job was friendly and didn’t mind my asking them questions about how the system works.  After the work was completed, Ben showed me how to use the app that reports the system’s production.  The team at Maxum was a pleasure to work with.

Anna S.

I have an existing system that was installed by another company that is no longer in business.  When I contacted Maxum to troubleshoot the system and get it up and running, they responded quickly.  Maxum is now monitoring my system and making sure everything works the way it should.  I’m thinking of having them install batteries in the near future.

Scott P.

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