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Solar for New Construction

We work with general contractors to provide solar for all types of new construction. Coordinating our installation with other trades, i.e., roofers and electricians, to provide a seamless installation for these projects.

•We support Prevailing Wage Projects

•Providing consulting services at the initial stages of building design if required

Step 1: Site Visit

We perform a virtual or physical site visit to note the proposed locations of the main electric panel, any sub-panels, and the roof space or ground proposed for the system.

If battery modules are also being added, we must find a suitable location depending on size and capacity.

Step 2: Size Finalization

After we have all the necessary information to proceed and you have confirmed the system size, we will prepare a contract for you to review and sign.

Once a contract has been signed and the deposit has been made, we:

•Generate plans

•File the interconnect application with the utility

•Apply for city permits, any rebates, and tax credits.

•Work with any HOAs to receive and file paperwork with city permits (if applicable)


Step 3: Scheduling and Day of Installation

The following will happen after interconnecting applications and city permits have been approved.

•Schedule delivery for modules and batteries (if applicable)

•Schedule installation that works with the building schedule

•If there is any need to reschedule for another reason, please get in touch with us at least 48 hours before installation



•The roofer installs the initial waterproofing layer first, and then we install the supports.

•We provide the flashings for the roofer to seal when the final roof is installed.

•Also coordinating with the electrician to communicate our wiring requirements.

•The modules/battery units will arrive on a pallet, so we require a cleared space sectioned off, ideally near a roof access point.

•Our work-site vehicles will need access to unload and load any tools/materials

Step 4: Final Inspection

After a successful installation, we work to schedule a date with the city inspector

•Once approved, the system is operational

•If you have any questions throughout the process or after installation, please get in touch with us

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