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Residential System Process

We want to make the process of transitioning to solar or making upgrades to your system as easy as possible. After you confirm the proposed system design and size, we will send you a contract for you to look over. Finalizing the agreement begins our process.

Step 1: Site Visit

We want to confirm the locations of your main service panel, measure locations for battery modules (if applicable), and ensure the proposed site of solar modules is good.

This is done virtually or in person.

Once all details have been confirmed, we move to generate plans for the interconnect application with the respective utility and for filing permits with the city and HOA (if applicable)

•If you are unsure if solar will be suitable for your home before proceeding, we can provide a site visit free of charge.

Step 2: Installation

•If your home is part of an HOA, we will require approval to obtain the permit

After receiving the permit, we will schedule an installation date at your convenience.

On average, most installations take one to two days, and larger or more complicated systems could take longer to install.


Step 3: Inspection

Once your system has been tested and fully operational, we schedule an inspection with the city inspector.

After the inspection is approved, your system will be operational.

We provide a walk-through on how your system will look on the monitoring platform as well as how to use battery functions (if applicable)

Before Arriving on Site Checklist

•Please ensure a clear driveway for any system components being delivered

•We will need to utilize ladders to get up on the roof, so please have access points near these areas cleared before.

For ground mount systems, please have a debris-free area before installation.

•If there are any modifications to the main electric panel or installation of battery units, we require shutting off the power briefly. Based on your convinence

During Installation

•When we arrive on-site, one of our company representatives will greet you before we get started

•We will utilize access points and ladders on your roof to begin

•Please keep children and pets away from any installation work being done to ensure their safety

•We will need your Wi-Fi network information to connect monitoring services once install completes

Following Installation

•Have the area by the electric panel cleared of any obstructions

•Ensure no pets or children are away for their safety

•Customer does not need to be present

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