What is the cost of going solar?

Prices can vary based on your usage and how large of a system you are looking for. Batteries can also raise the price of a system.

Our proposals illustrate how much a system will cost in addition to any tax benefits or rebates you will receive.

How do I save money with solar?

With solar, as the sun helps you generate electricity, your utility meter goes backward, providing you with the difference. In addition, if you have a battery system, these credits are further extended when there is inclement weather and in the evening.

Do you offer battery backup?

All our battery systems include battery backup as per the standard in our quote (unless requested otherwise).

Our competitors offer that feature at an additional cost.

What fees or costs are not included in your bid?

Our proposal is for a complete turnkey system which includes all costs and fees within the price. If a main electric service panel replacement is required or re-roofing is requested, that would be an additional cost.

Is solar worth the investment?

Solar will save you money on your electric bill. The typical payback period for a residential system is five years. For commercials, payback can be as low as three years.  



Do you design and install the systems yourself or do you use subcontractors for any part of the installation?

Yes, we design every system in-house. Our in-house crews do the installation.

What rebates are available for solar energy, do you work with HOA?

There is a federal 30% tax credit for homes and businesses. Commercial solar also receives accelerated depreciation on the system cost.

In addition, specific utility areas offer an SGIP Rebate for battery systems. 

We have years of experience working with HOAs to ensure forms are filled out correctly and accurately.

Can you provide a site assessment and recommend the best system size for my property?

Yes, we can provide a site visit at no charge if you consider going solar.

What happens if my solar panels are damaged?

The panels are resistant to most natural disasters like hail; if an object falls on one of the panels, it would be the owner’s responsibility to replace it.

Is there an option to cancel?

After signing your contract, you can cancel within three business days if you change your decision.

How do I get started?

Please send us a recent utility bill, and we can get started to find the best solution for you.

Who is responsible for fixing any damage to my home if damage is caused during installation?

If there is damage to your home or property, we will fix any damage caused.

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