Financing Options

Types of Financing 

We offer multiple financing options for your next project.

•Residential customers can finance through HomeRun Financing (PACE) or Sunstone Credit
•Commercial and Industrial Customers, we solely use Sunstone Credit


•As we navigate through high-interest rates, we are constantly in search of the best financing option for you

HomeRun Financing or PACE

•Up to 30-year Term

•Lien on the Property

•No Minimum Credit Requirement

•Payment is made through the property tax bill at the end of each tax year

•Able to combine re-roofing, batteries, or any EV chargers within the loan

Sunstone Credit

•Special Payment at the 18-month mark, allowing for a lower interest rate

•Up to 20-year term, no property lien

•Minimum 50k loan size

•Able to combine re-roofing, batteries, or any EV chargers within the loan

What if I am already pre-approved or have another source of financing?

We welcome using other sources of financing and are happy to work with any lender. 

What is the difference between Solar Lease and Financing?

Solar Lease:

•Ownership of the System is from the leasing company, not the homeowner

•Unable to claim a 30% Investment Tax Credit

•Lower upfront cost but no end to ownership

•Able to save on Utility Bills


Solar Financing:

•After the system is paid off, you are the sole owner of the system

•Investment can produce a return over time

•30% Investment Tax credit can be claimed; any SGIP or other rebates are eligible as well

•Able to save on Utility Bills

Do you offer a Solar Lease or PPA?

We have found that solar leasing or PPA does not serve our customers as well as a loan, and therefore we do not offer solar leasing or PPA at this time.

Accepted forms of payment are:

         •Cash Purchase

         •Financing from any lender

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